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“WeWork is incredibly mission driven. We got a lot of responses for this role, but we couldn’t find anyone we thought would embody our values. That’s when we invited re:purpose to get involved.”

India Lopez

Senior Recruiter at WeWork

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Spend more time interviewing and less time sifting through resumes

We interview every candidate before inviting them to join our platform. Members are specifically screened for what hiring startups need: the right experience, the right motivation and proven skillsets.

Read each candidate’s profile to learn more about them. Profiles also include salary requirements, so you’ll always be armed with the right information.

Build an irresistible employer brand

Build an irresistible employer brand

Our talent community joins the re:purpose platform because they care about being a part of a startup culture that is anchored in clearly defined values, beliefs, and attitudes that align with their own.

Let us help you take control of your employer brand narrative. Re:purpose helps amplify your brand story, values and culture by creating dynamic company profiles.


A.I. is the future, but so is human touch

Shift from a reactive to a proactive talent acquisition strategy. When you realize you need to grow your team, it’s because something needs to get done—fast. Creating job descriptions, waiting for bites, qualifying leads… it all takes time.

We’ll send you a hand-curated lists of high-potential candidates. Also, You can search through profiles on our platform at your own leisure. New, active candidates join the platform weekly.


Hire for a fraction of the cost

Traditional headhunters and recruiting firms are expensive.

We offer subscription-based pricing, which means you pay the same fee no matter who you hire, or how big their salary. We make matches based on helping you make a great hire—not on our potential commission.

Jeff epstein

"re:purpose is helping growing companies by being smarter about talent. It's a no brainer for us!"

– Jeff Epstein
Founder, Ambassador (acquired by West Corp.)

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Hire top tech talent in Detroit, faster.

We help fast-growing startups get access to the top 5% of tech talent. Schedule a 10 minute demo to learn more.